Sally C


Whether via her DJ sets or label Big Saldo’s Chunkers, Sally C has developed one of the most distinctive sonic signatures in electronic music. The Belfast-born, Berlin-based artist traverses the gamut of vintage house, hip house, acid and breakbeat, all with that unmistakable Chunker sound. Sally’s DJing journey begun in 2010 at the Reading Rooms in Dundee, Scotland, an iconic local club, playing host to the likes of DJ Pierre, DJ Sneak and Green Velvet. It was here she met an open-minded and accepting community and gained a crucial education in digging, mixing and all things dance music culture, an experience that would set her up for the rest of her career. These guiding principles of authenticity, community and independence lie at the core of who Sally is as an artist and have defined her brick-by-brick journey since day one. Moving to Berlin in 2015, she etched out a spot in the city’s thriving club scene, throwing parties at Griessmühle and her own open-air raves, all the while building a fanbase for her raw and chunky style. When she was tapped for her debut Boiler Room in 2019 at AVA Festival, it was a noticeable levelling up. No longer a developing talent, RA lauded her as a festival highlight, noting her “musical range and technical acuity”.