Kasper Marott


Since his debut in 2014, Kasper has shown his skill to produce ecstatic yet reflective tracks with a clear voice over and over. With his highly refined taste across genres he has also proven to be a unique talent as a DJ – his ear for the percussive elements of music is of a rare kind and his DJ sets sliding easily between moods, tempos and styles. In 2018 he released his breakthrough EP on Modeselektor's Seilscheibenpfeiler label. The euphoric title track Keflavik lit up clubs and festivals all year long and was named “one of the biggest club records of the year” by Resident Advisor. In the following year Kasper released a new EP on Courtesy’s flourishing label project Kulør. With the Forever Mix EP, he proves to be texturally rich and unconventional once again. His intuitive approach to producing together with constantly finding new inspiration in other genres, his local community and society as a whole makes his music freshly unique and relevant to the scene. Together with his friend Alfredo92 Kasper has launched the community based label Axces in 2019, which is focusing on the music coming out of their close network of artists from Copenhagen. Axces has been a place for more exotic array of house and techno within the Danish scene that is mainly influenced by 90’s trance/techno. On Full Circle, his debut album (2021, Axces), Marott continues to push against techno orthodoxy from multiple angles. He tackles a wider range of tempos, styles, and moods than ever before: woozy slow-motion jams, pensive ambient sketches, pulse-racing breakbeat trance. In his second full-length album Fantasy (May 2023, Axces), Kasper Marott is delving deeper into his high-energy world of optimistic trance.