Fadi Mohem


Raised in the outskirts of Berlin in Spandau, Fadi Mohem developed a passion for electronic music in his youth. Exploring the city with a desire for graffiti and urban culture, he made his first steps as a DJ and producer in 2011. His studies in Sound Engineering and the subsequent work as a Mix & Recording Engineer granted him a set of technical skills that improved the sound of his own productions. Influenced by early Detroit techno and Berlin dub techno, drum’n’bass and idm, the Berghain resident likes to break the frame as a producer, DJ and live act. Having played in various clubs internationally the past decade, he keeps pushing himself as a DJ with informed selections and technical finesse as well as a live act with everchanging hardware only setups. His productions and sets are united by a constant lookout for groove, flow, reduction and repetition and follow the urge to surrender oneself solely to the music. With a quick workflow as a producer, he likes to play out new unreleased tracks in his DJ sets to establish a bridge between the dance floor and studio. Paired with quick and razor sharp multi deck mixing, his DJ sets keep building and building with a forward drive and the goal to create a unifying experience on the dance floor. His hardware-only live sets are a unique listening experience in their own right, consisting of tracks being made on the spot. Instead of following trends, Fadi Mohem always seeks to fulfill his own sound ideals and stay true to his musical vision. Now working at Berlin’s record institution Hard Wax, Fadi Mohem deepens his musical knowledge and versatility as a record collector and DJ. With releases on labels such as Klockworks, Seilscheibenpfeiler and WERK he laid the foundation for his work and his reputation as a producer. Having drawn up plans for his next solo productions in 2022, Fadi Mohem has further paved the way forward for his musical vision.